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The Mewa special purpose stroller is designed for children who are unable to walk or sit in the correct position as a result of injury or another condition.


seat width  28*/33 cm

seat depth  26,5*/29 cm

backrest height 62 cm

footrest adjustable within 19 – 29 cm

total weight  23 kg

total lenght 111 cm

total height 120 cm

total width 65 cm

dimensions after folding / without wheels

seat – 88 x 45 x 43 cm

frame – 84 x 64 x 26 cm


growth 90 – 125 cm

maximum weight 35 kg

* with an insert

The Mewa special purpose buggy is designed for children who are unable to walk or sit in the correct position as a result of injury or another condition.

With adjustable pads, the backrest can be optimized to the child‘s needs and will provide the right security. Large wheels (gel-filled or pumped), with shock absorbers of rear as well as front wheels, facilitate comfortable travel on uneven ground.

The buggy offers seat and backrest angle adjustment, so-called cradle, which will help you put the child in the right position, making sure that the pressure is distributed evenly.

Mewa is also fitted with a table that can be used for feeding, exercising or playing. Abduction belts stabilize the pelvis and secure the child from sliding out of the buggy.


  • paralysis and paresis of lower limbs, of various origin
  • paralysis and paresis of torso
  • weakening of postural muscles responsible for maintaining proper body position, most commonly caused by such conditions as:
    • cerebral palsy
    • myelomeningocele
    • muscle dystrophias

What’s new? CRADLE function!

It means the ability to tilt the sit together with backrest, thus ensuring an ergonomic sitting position for the child.


  • very comfortable for the child
  • reducer cushion
  • breast and lumbar pads with regulation
  • cradle function
  • the seat can be used forward or back to the direction of travel
  • backrest adjustment to horisontal position
  • 4 step seat angle adjustment
  • abduction belts
  • 5 – points safety belts
  • adjustable footrest
  • folding frame with detachable seat
  • adjustable canopy with window
  • central brake
  • shock absorption for all 4 wheels
  • direction lock on front wheels
  • lifting bar
  • push bar inclination adjustment
  • wedge
  • handle
  • terapeutic table
  • raincover
  • mosquito net
  • shopping bag
  • large travel bag
  • sleeping bag
  • sun umbrella
  • winter gloves

Available colors: GREEN, BLUE, PINK, GRAY

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