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MyWam company was established in 2009. We enthusiastically undertook the first activities related to the provision of rehabilitation equipment for children with disabilities. Academic knowledge and the experience gained every day enriched us both as professionals and as people, sensitizing us to the special needs of our clients. Today we can confidently say that thanks to them we were able to fully use our energy and potential.

Over time, the dream of starting the production of rehabilitation equipment took real shape. In 2014, we focused our efforts on creating a special needs stroller that would combine functionality, safety and beauty. This is how the MEWA stroller was created. Its success on our domestic market gave us wings and encouraged us to continue our actions aimed at creating a line of strollers for children with special needs. In this way, today we can also praise ourselves with PEGAZ, GRIZZLY, MOUSE stroller, and the latest YETI.


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Our strollers have been well received not only in Poland but also abroad. As of today, we have clients in 35 countries around the world, and at the same time, we remain open to cooperation with new partners. Many times have we witnessed that great development opportunities come from working with people who share the same goal – helping others.
For years, this idea has been a guarantee of both economic success and great satisfaction.

Being close both with our patients, physiotherapists and doctors, we constantly improve our products going beyond the well-known solutions in search of new ones. Being aware of the constantly-growing needs of the market, we try to meet them by expanding the group of specialists and engineers in our team.
The next milestone for our company will be the introduction of new products and solutions that would meet expectations of our customers and partners around the world.

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Many years of experience, specialist knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the patient – these are the foundations on which we base our work.

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